What your doodles say about you

Have you ever had to endure being stuck on hold? You probably then started doodling? What you choose to doodle depends on your mood and personality, and here you can find out what your doodles mean.


Doodle 1 – Face doodles

A face doodle is one of the most common doodles. The expression on a doodled face is often a good indication of the mood or character of the person who has drawn it. A nicely drawn, good-looking face suggests you see the good in others. If you sketch weird or ugly faces, you are probably mistrustful. Comic faces demonstrate a desire to be the centre of attention. Child-like doodles of faces suggest neediness.

So, which one are you? :)

Ever drawn a face and wondered what it meant?
Have you ever drawn a face and wondered what it meant?


Doodle 2 – Flower doodles

Personally, this is the doodle I ALWAYS doodle first, so lets see what my doodle says about me!

Doodling flowers doesn’t mean your going to be a famous gardener, it just shows you have a sensitive, friendly and caring personality. You like to help others so you can forget about the bad, ugly things in life. Flowers represent our feminine side, and a desire to see growth, nature, and reproduction. Soft, rounded petals around a circular flower center suggest an amiable, family-centric person. If the center of your flower is a circle, but your petals are pointy, you are probably hiding a warm heart behind a prickly defensiveness.

The picture below is one of my own doodles – maybe you can work out what kind of person I am?

Ever been doodling a flower and wondered what it meant?
Ever been doodling a flower and wondered what it meant?


Doodle 3 – Heart doodles

Again, hearts are another common symbol people seem to doodle and without researching the meaning behind it, I think everyone can guess what this means? Of course .. LOVE <3 – your obviously a good old fashion romantic!

Every wondered what your heart doodles meant?
Every wondered what your heart doodles meant?


Doodles 4 – Star doodles

Stars are often drawn by ambitious people, they often indicate a feeling of hopefulness and that things are looking up. Lots of little stars indicate optimism. If you’ve drawn one big, bold, embellished star, you’ve got a definite goal in your sights.  A neat, uniform stars suggest good mental focus, while freehand, asymmetric stars show an energetic personality.

Ever wondered what your star doodles meant?
Ever wondered what your star doodles meant?


Doodles 5 – House doodle

This common doodle indicates a need for security. A neat drawing of a house suggests a secure home life. A warm, inviting house–one that looks lived in, perhaps with smoke curling from the chimney–suggests the doodler has a happy and positive attitude toward his home life, and a more messy-looking sketch (especially one without windows) indicates unhappiness with your home life.  A house pictured on its own on top  of a hill suggests you’re feeling isolated and lonely.

Which house do you live in?

Ever wondered what house you live in?
Ever wondered what house you live in?


Doodle 6 – Shapes

If you keep on drawing geometric shapes like squares, boxes or triangles you have a well-organised, efficient, purposeful and meticulous personality

Drawing a square indicates you want control of a situation — that you are thinking through a problem. If your squares progress to a cube or box, you’re likely to be a very efficient, analytical person who can deal with difficult situations with  little fuss.

Big circles show you are outgoing, honest and like to talk to people. However, if they’re touching or linked together, you’re lacking in confidence a little. If your circles are coloured in, you’re feeling slightly alone at the moment. Also, circles represent a need to find unity and peace.

What do your shapes say about you?
What do your shapes say about you?


Doodle 7 – Names and initials

Doodling your name or initials is common for those who enjoy being the center of attention. Teenagers often doodle just their first name or the initial of their Christian name, indicating a desire to break away from the family and do their own thing.

Doodling someone else’s name, on the other hand, shows they are in your thoughts — perhaps romantically and writing it down is a comforting subconscious way of cheering yourself up, or on the other hand they are a presenting a problem you need to deal with.

What is your writing telling you?
What is your writing telling you?
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