What Were They Thinking? The Worst TV Shows of All Time

Think you have a great idea for a TV show? Chances are that whatever you can come up with, even if it might not be that great, would be better than these famous television disasters. Sometimes a show makes it to production that causes you to wonder what the creators could possibly have been thinking.

When you have your cable installers come by to sort out your digital aerial installation, these are some shows you would really not want to see. Here are some of the most shockingly bad television shows that have ever been aired.

Naked Jungle

This is a British game show that appeared on Channel 5 for only one episode in 2000. It was your typical show where contestants competed on an assault course – the only twist was that participants were all completely naked. This controversial show was destroyed by the critics, who were appalled by the abundance of full frontal nudity – including the programme’s presenter Keith Chegwin (who later called it the worst career move of his life).

The Daily Mail claimed that Naked Jungle had hit “new depths” of bad taste and indecency and it was even condemned in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom. Later on, a group of TV historians voted it the worst British Television Show of all time.

Heil Honey I’m Home!

This controversial British sitcom is in such poor taste that it just makes you want to face palm until your forehead is raw. It was produced in 1990 and was cancelled after only airing one episode, probably because everyone watching it was slack-jawed with shock.

Get this; the show features a fictionalised version of Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler, who live next to Arny and Rosa Goldenstein – a Jewish couple. In its goofy 1950s American sitcom style reminiscent of Leave it to Beaver or I Love Lucy, the show’s plot revolves around Adolf’s failure to get along with his neighbours. Yes, because the Holocaust was so knee-slappingly hilarious.

Marian Calabro, a television historian, described it as the “world’s most tasteless sitcom” and whether or not it was meant to be ironic, it drastically failed. It has since become renowned as one of the most controversial programs ever to screen in the UK.

Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos

Ok, the concept of funny home video shows actually works really well. Who doesn’t love a video of a three year old shoving cake into Grandma’s face at his birthday, a dog running around with a bucket on its head or a father trying to ride his daughter’s tricycle and crashing into a fence? These are the charming family moments that we want to see.

What we don’t want to see is the sexual, crude and awkward videos that were submitted to this spin-off show. The clips featured a couple having sex in the middle of a park, various species of animals making the beast with two backs, a man lifting a barbell with his penis and an old lady removing an envelope from a stripper’s thong with her dentures. What in the world?

When the owner of the Nine Network, Kerry Packer, saw the show he called the studio operators and shouted at them to get it off the air, in no uncertain terms. The show was immediately stopped, a “We apologise for this interruption” notice was broadcast and suddenly a re-run of “Cheers” was being broadcast.

The naughty home videos were not aired again until 16 years later in 2008, when the footage was shown again and promoted as “What Kerry Packer didn’t want you to see”.

These are just a few of the most unfortunately awful tasteless and shocking television shows that have ever hit the air. What’s the worst show that you have heard of?

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