Celebrity lookalikes – Our top 5!

I find it quite fascinating how ‘normal’ everyday people have celebrity lookalikes. If you look hard enough there are loads around, and not just people looking like celebrities but all kinds; television lookalikes, pop lookalikes, soap lookalikes, royalty lookalikes and many more. Lots of people forge a career out of it and earn mega money by doing so.

Here is my top 5 favourite CELEBRITY lookalikes!!

Celebrity Lookalike Number 1 – David Beckham

Ok, one for the ladies ūüėČ Andy Harmer as David Beckham.

You may recognize Andy from¬†Britain’s Got Talent 2010, a lookalike act called¬†The Chippendoubles.

Andy is the worlds top David Beckham lookalike. Not only does he look like Beckham, he has very similar mannerisms, style, voice and even football skills. Talk about the complete package!! He has been working as David Beckham’s lookalike for 14 years and has worked in over 30 countries. He now has his own TV show, and worked with the REAL Beckham!!

Andy As David Beckham Celebrity Lookalikes
Andy As David Beckham Lookalike


Celebrity Lookalike Number 2 – Britney Spears

Michaela Weeks was voted the “UK’s Number 1″ Britney Spears lookalike.

At 17 Michaela became a full-time Britney impersonator, and to this day it has made her an incredible ¬£300,000!! Just for looking like someone famous!! ¬†Her earnings allowed her to buy her first house at the age of 19 and to have a range of amazing sports car, including an¬†Audi TT and a Mercedes SLK. She’s worked all over the UK and abroad, appearing in Los Angeles and Dubai for appearances. In 2012 she also received international recognition when she was featured on Britney Spears Official website!!

Michaela Weeks as Britney Spears
Michaela Weeks as Britney Spears


Celebrity Lookalike Number 3 – Captain Jack Sparrow

Love the Pirates of the Caribbean films? Then you might be interested in this double –¬†Simon Newton as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Not only does Simon look like Captain Jack Sparrow but he is the same height, weight and even has the same hand size – creepy don’t you think? So whenever your watching the UK film; Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, you might even catch a glimpse of Simon as he had actually starred as Captain Jack Sparrow in the film.

Simon Newton as Captain Jack Sparrow
Simon Newton as Captain Jack Sparrow


Celebrity Lookalike Number 4 – Kylie Minogue

Kirstie Barton is a fabulous lookalike of Kylie, and she has all the looks of Kylie’s different styles and she also has the replica outfits to create the true image of Kylie. Kirstie has appeared in lots of magazines such as OK Magazine & The Sunday Times Magazine and has also appeared on TV ads including Magic FM.

Kirstie Barton as Kylie Minogue
Kirstie Barton as Kylie Minogue


Celebrity Lookalike Number 5 – Marilyn Monroe

Suzie Kennedy in the worlds most convincing Marilyn Monroe lookalike, and looking at the picture I think we would all agree, right?

Suzie is a multi award winner, has been a star of films, TV, commercials and theatre, portraying Marilyn Monroe in them at the highest level around the world. Suzie has¬†starred as the lead female as Marilyn in the 2010 film Italian film “Io e Marilyn” and she has starred in London’s West End theatre as Marilyn in the production¬†‚ÄúMarilyn and Ella‚ÄĚ.

Suzie has appeared on TV, including BBC, The Weakest Link and even Come Dine With Me, which she won.  Also on TV she has advertised Pepsi, Stella Artois, Guinness, Citreon cars and many more.

Suzie Kennedy as Marilyn Monroe
Suzie Kennedy as Marilyn Monroe
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