The A to Z of weddings

Weddings! Weddings! Weddings! – Every girl dreams of their perfect day from the beautiful dress to asking their best friends to walk down the isle. Being recently engaged I have search the internet over and over again for loads for different ideas and attended lots of wedding shows for inspiration, and trust me, its hard to decide what you want, there’s to much choice!

Take a look at my A to Z of weddings – enjoy <3


A – Attendance

The number of guest’s you choose to invite is entirely up to you – and of course how much your budget is. Some people keep is small and sweet, just inviting immediate family and close friends whereas others like to go all out and invite everyone and anyone, the more the merrier they say.

B – Bridesmaids

I think every girl knows deep down who they would like to have as their bridesmaid / bridesmaid – that special close friends who has been there since day one. Again, bridesmaids are your choice, you can have one or if your lucky enough to have so many girlfriends, you can have ten!

C – Ceremony

This is the heart of the wedding, the second biggest thing (the dress being number one!) that the guests will comment on and rate out of ten in their heads so you have to get it right, but not only that right for you! You can opt for a religious ceremony at a church or something smaller in a town hall or registry office, or if your adventurous or want something that little bit different, why not get married abroad – imagine the golden beach and clear blue sea.

D – Destination weddings

Wedding’s abroad are becoming very popular, not only are they cheaper but the photographs are amazing afterwards. You have to research this thoroughly, knowing all about the marriage requirements etc. Good thing about weddings abroad is that once your married, your already at your honeymoon destination. Easy.

E – Engagement Parties

OK, so this happens before the wedding but anyway 😉 – this is a party to celebrate two people getting together and wanting to spend the rest of their lives together. Normally consists of each families and friends on both parts – and alcohol!

F – First dance

Some people know what song they would like to have their first dance to but others it is a long hard thinking game, deciding a song can take days, maybe months to pick the right one! It doesn’t have to be a slow dance, everyone is different, you could do the tango or the waltz or even break out and start doing the robot dance, just for a giggle…

G – Groom’s cake

This is a new tradition, the groom has his own cake, sometimes placed next to the main wedding cake or sometimes on a different table all together. You can imagine what idea’s the men come out with, but if you cant, here is a few;  football cakes, musical instrument or even their favourite food.

H – Happiness

Well what can I say about this? Your wedding day should be the happiest say of your lives. Everyone should be smiling and celebrating the marriage of two people coming together as one.

I – Invitations

You should really start thinking about your invites 6-8 months before the big day, that way it gives the printers plenty of time to get them sorted, plus you need to send them out a few months before the wedding to gets the numbers back incase you need to change your seating plans. There are all sorts of designs and customisations you can do on invitations, let your mind run free!

J – Journal

Its lovely to keep a wedding journal from day one of your wedding day planning, that way, even when the day is over you can look back at the memories, happy ones, stressful ones and maybe is emotional ones.

K – Keepsake

Similar to a journal, this is to create and remember memories – in the keepsake you could store the speeches, the sample invitations and maybe the CD in which you had your first dance too.

L – License

A piece of important legislation authorising two people to marry.

M – Magazines

I have collected a mountain of these over the past few months from buying them to getting them free at the wedding shows, do they help? probably not, but its just something the girls have to buy isn’t it? You probably waste loads of money on these though, they are so expensive, however, the ones I like to buy are ‘You and Your Wedding‘, ‘Brides‘ and ‘Perfect Wedding‘.

N – Nerves

Everyone is going to be nervous on the morning of the wedding, especially the bride and the groom – you think its going to run smoothly and your going to get two ‘I do’s’ at the end but you never 100% know! Butterflies, that’s all I’m saying.

O – Open bar

An open bar is quite common now, but if your struggling for ££ then why not just have an open bar for cocktail hour or just serve wine and beer on the tables throughout the night. Keeps the guests happy 😀

P – Place cards

These name cards / place cards are a little novelty gift for your guests, not only is it something little to keep as a souvenir but it helps people find there way around, you don’t want any confusion or a game of musical chairs before the party starts!

Q – Quote

“To love someone deeply gives you strength.  Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage” ~Lao Tzu~

R – Rings

That special bit of bling that goes on your finger forever, yes forever! This is quite a difficult choice, for both people, you need to find something you love not something you like. It is something you will wear for the rest of your lives so you have to make the right decision. Don’t just pick the first ring, browse around, even if it takes a few shopping trips.

S – Speeches

Traditionally the father of the bride, the groom and the best man all give speeches and each is different. The main one being the embarrassing speech from the best man spilling put all the stories from the past about his best mate! but quite frankly, this is a big thing for the men, having to stand up infront of a room full of people, it muse be nerve racking. I know I couldn’t do it! Give a round of applause for the men – woo!

T – Thank-You’s

I know the speeches have the thank-you’s in, but its nice to go round the tables and thank everyone individually for attending your wedding, some people may have travelled miles to watch you walk down that isle, so its only fair you show them your appreciation. Thank-you cards are also a great way to show people your appreciation, plus, its a keepsake for them.

U – Underwear

Give you husband a night to remember with some sexy wedding underwear on your wedding night 😉 – try Ann Summers for some bridal lingerie.

V – Vendors

From florists to cake makers – your vendors are the pro’s of your wedding wishes. Make sure you research these, go and meet them and have a chat about your ideas and designs. Most vendors supply sample products, so take advantage of these, go and see a sample table piece or try out a slice of cake , you need everything to be perfect to don’t hold back.

W – White

That traditional amazing white wedding dress that you cant wait to go on a hunt for. So many different styles; classy, princess, vintage, elegant – there are hundreds of dresses to choose from and it can be very emotional for the bride to be. How do you know that the dress you have picked is actually the one you want? I’ve been told that you ‘just know’ so maybe its a strong gut feeling!

X- Xtras

OK, so I couldn’t actually think of anything beginning with the letter X but this will do; don’t forget the little ‘xtras like wedding invitations and envelopes, we’re not all perfect and its probably more than likely your going to spell someone’s name wrong so be prepared and organised.

Y – Youngsters

Little flower girls or little page boys, you have to add that bit of cuteness to your wedding photos. Maybe you have your own children, but you could also have your little family members to help out or even a close friends child – make sure you rehearse though, you need to prepare these little ones for the big moment!

Z – ZZ’s

After all that excitement, the wedding preparation, the big day – maybe the big night too, I’m guessing all you want to do is sleep, so here is some Z’s. Also another Z is Zero regrets, look forwards to the beginning of your new life as man and woman <3


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