Mistakes to avoid when putting on eye-liner

We all know how hard it is to apply eye-liners that form one of the integral parts of your make-up kits. A lot of people think they know how to apply eye-liners but the real mess tends to begin when they notice that they really need to learn a lot out of it. If you can apply eye-liners and avoid a few common mistakes while applying them, you know you have done pretty much good a job like a professional does. What else should you want?

Here are a few mistakes that are more likely and more often than not going to ruin your entire game but if you can avoid them, they are going to turn out to be game changers.

Mistake 1# Overdoing it at the bottom lid

If you choose to provide extra and heavy lining to the lower portion of your eyelids, particularly with some dark colour, remember it is going to make your eyes look really smaller. Also, you can actually end up with those under the eyes smudges. In order to let it define your lower lid, you must put out a lighter pencil for a more subtle look. You can also make use of a light brown eye shadow.

Mistake 2# Putting it unevenly giving it more jagged look

Nothing can be more frustrating than wiping off the line right on your upper lid with the help of make-up remover multiple times before you actually get it right. In order to ensure that you can keep your liner straight, avoid any kind of tugging right at the outer corner of your eyes. It can let your skin at the eyes simply crinkle without allowing the line to be smoother. Make use of a slanted brush to apply the gel liners. You can take help of the lighter pencils in order to draw lines so that it gives you enough guidelines and directions to perform.

Mistake 3# Using black and brown only

Remember that these two colours are not the ones that can make an impact and that too, a positive one for all occasions. Try using some white or at least nude eye-liner on the bottom of your lid that should make you appear more refreshed and awake. Mark a gentle pull on at under-eye.

Mistake 4# Not exploring difference in operations of pencil, gel or liquid

Pencil eye-liners remain the best option for those in hurry as they are fast in application and smear resistant. On the other hand, gel-liners are water-resistant and offer a more glamorous look. Liquid liners promise a more detailed and precise application that calls for patience. It can deliver a strong fluid line.

Mistake 5# No smudge-proofing

Apply liners with brush or pencil. Make shadow brush wet and it should last longer. Smudge-proofing is important.

Applying eye-liners is an art and it definitely comes with practice, little determination, lot of confidence and slight patience too. Since eye-liners can redefine your beauty at any event or occasion, learn the art and flaunt your looks with confidence.

Photo Credit: nihrida via Compfight

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