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Hotels I’ve stayed in around the UK

Everyone goes on a trip or two, so I thought id review and write a blog on the different hotels I’ve stayed in around the UK, from London, Manchester and Birmingham.

London – Park Plaza Hotel Riverbank.


This was one of my favourite hotels I have stayed in, the outside looked like it was a hotel for celebrities, especially as it had Mercedes SLK 55 parked right outside!! We stayed in this hotel when my partner and I booked a weekend away in London for Valentine’s Day – at the time we  booked it was on special offer which was even more of a bonus because for a hotel at this high standards it was actually quite cheap.  The hotel itself was massive, and our room was pretty big too, over looking Big Ben. It was lovely to open the curtains and look out at night time. The location was perfect, you were in walking distance to some of the main attractions and was romantic to walk down near the riverside in the evening’s. It helped that we had warmish nights to wander around London (:


London – Hotel Russell


Everyone somewhere down the line has a disappointed experience, well, this hotel was it which was a shame because I LOVE London! For Christmas 2013 I received a package from my, at that time, ‘Boyfriend’s’ parents, a hotel and a theatre package. It was amazing, because I love that sort of thing and I get chance to spend some quality time with my other half. It was on Russell Square, a massive hotel – I was quite shocked that someone had picked this for me to stay in, but then the disappointment hit me as we went into our room – it was a little dingy room with rips in the blinds and everything, I was gutted. Not only did it cost quite a bit but it wasn’t really near much either, so we had to catch the tube everywhere we went. Unless we go again and get a totally different room I wouldn’t personally recommend this hotel – it does have a special part in my heart though, as this was hotel in which my ‘boyfriend’ proposed <3 and the next day we went to see the London Wedding Show – which I thought was fab!


Manchester – Velvet Hotel


This was the hotel from our second visit to Manchester, I’m still trying to remember which was our first, but it was a few years ago now, this picture is of the actual room. The hotel was quite small but was really nice and quiet. The room was big’ish but the bed was gigantic – Heaven!! The room was slightly strange, the wallpaper was of a weird man or something and there were metal poles in the middle of the room and old style lamps – to be honest, it was quirky but I liked it, it kinda worked. The prices were reasonable, and the location was good. I recommend this hotel if anyone if going for a quick trip to Manchester (:


Birmingham – Best Western Metro


OK, this hotel was cheap as chips – wasn’t expecting much, it was just a quick booking to Birmingham to see some attractions. We’ve always booked quite posh hotels if we have ever gone anywhere but due to this being a last minute thing we thought we’d just go for it – literally cost a couple of quid and surprisingly this hotel shocked me, our room was a corner room and was huge (bigger than our last room when we went to London!) It was lovely, the hotel was small but that didn’t matter, it was nice. The location was perfect for us, as it was only a few miles away from the attractions we wanted to go and see, so driving didn’t take long. The hotel is on a main road, but wasn’t actually that noisy, but you had to keep the window open slightly because it was so hot in the room.  The only small thing I could moan about would be the pillows, they were flat and not fat and fluffy LOL but what do you expect for hardly anything? You cant have it all. The staff were friendly and the rooms were kept nice and clean, the tea & coffee always filled. I would highly recommend this hotel if your looking for something cheap.


We are off to York at the end of the month, so I will keep you updated on that one 😉

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