Free festival apps

Free Festival Apps!

Anyone going to any festivals soon? Glasonbury? Global Beats? BFest? V-Festival? – Well here are some free festival apps to download for when you are there!!


Got Lost?

Remember what your parents (or, your Mum) always used to say to you when you were younger; ‘Always stay with your friends’  ‘Don’t wander off alone!’? Well, the app Find My Friends is the solution to your problem if you’ve been unlucky enough to end up a loner! The app plots locations on a map, making it easier to track ’em down.

The all in one App.

Festival Ready is an all-in-one app that provides you with a torch, the weather, 3D navigation and ticker messaging. What more info do you need?

‘Put your lighters in the air..’

No, I’m not singing BGT Gabz’ song – this app brings festival-goers a virtual lighter, so now you can put your lighters in the air without having to worry about health and safety!

Keep hydrated

It’s important to keep yourself hydrated at a festival whether you intend to intoxicate yourself or not! The basic function of these apps is to remind you to drink water via notifications – you can also customise how much water you want them to remind you to drink.

Keeping tabs

Your obviously rebelling from the previous app, but don’t ruin the festi-fun by over doing it on the booze, download the NHS’s Change4Life app, it helps you keep track of your alcohol consumption. Surely its better to get notified first when your gonna fall flat on your face?

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