Bored? 5 spur of the moment activities

We all have those days where we just can’t think of anything to do. No matter what ideas we think of, they never seem exciting enough. It makes you feel like pulling your hair out and you end up feeling frustrated. Well worry no more, here are some ideas of spur of the moment activities.


Make a cocktail and sunbathe

You like smooth and mouthwatering, drinks right? You like alcohol, right? You like reading the latest edition of Cosmopolitan magazine right? Well why not chill out with a cocktail in the garden, put some music on and have a read for a couple of hours. If you are struggling to find a cocktail you really like, head over to our post about summer cocktails to see if any tickle your fancy. Obviously this activity only works if the sun is shining – you don’t want to be sat outside in the cold… brrrr!

sunbathing in the snow


Bake some cup-cakes

Up until recently, I hated the idea of baking. I hate mixing ingredients, I hate cleaning the mess, I hate burning the bloody things too! Obviously I love eating them though. 3 or 4 weeks ago I decided to give baking another go and I was really happy with the results, the cakes were amazing (if I do say so myself) and I actually enjoyed making them. Time flew!

Cup Cakes


Go for a walk

I’m a little spoilt when it comes to walking. The area I live in is very picturesque and I can choose a different route each time I go out. Your location shouldn’t deter you though, getting out in the fresh air can be a remedy for anything. Even if it’s throwing it down you can still enjoy it. Wrap up warm and when you get back you can chill out feeling all toasty inside.

Rainy Walk


Have a bath

That’s right, don’t forget you can always fall back on soaking up some bubbles. Get the candles out, pop a bath bomb in the water and maybe even sneak some chocolate in the bathroom with you. Make sure you put your favourite chill-out music on and before you know it you will feel a million dollars.

Have a bath


Go for a coffee

You must have one friend who is not busy? Give them a call and plan a trip to Costa or Starbucks. I’m sure a good gossip session to catch up on the latest goings-on will be the perfect cure for boredom. You could even combine it with a trip around the shops.

Go for a coffee

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