5 Interesting Shark Facts

To celebrate #SharkWeek I have dedicated a page to the sharks, giving you 5 interesting shark facts about them (:

Interesting Shark Facts:

1) There are at least 350 shark species in the world’s oceans today.

2) Researchers have discovered common objects (tires, gasoline tanks, and license plates) left intact inside the stomachs of tiger sharks.

3) Of the roughly 50 shark attacks reported each year, only 10% prove to be fatal. So while an attack is rare, dying from one is even rarer.

4) If a shark bites you, it probably won’t take a second taste. They typically bite, then let go after realizing they’re not eating sea animals.

5) Some sharks start working before they’re even born, chewing their way out of their egg to enter the open ocean

interesting shark facts

Comparison Facts:

1) A great white shark can weigh up to a massive 5,000 pounds, on comparison, that’s 20 thousand quarter pounders from McDonalds!!

2) A tiger shark can grow up to 20 feet long, that’s roughly 80 (Av. 3 inch) goldfish.

3) A whale shark can process 6000 litres of water an hour – WOW – so if we drank the recommended litres of water per day, it would take 8 years and 237 days!!

4) The average life span of a Hammerhead shark is around 25-35 years, which is 851 time longer than a house fly!!

5) On average, there is a shark attack worldwide every 3.5 days, however, an elephant attacks a person almost twice a day!

You can see more fun and interesting facts here at the Discovery Channel page..


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